Get ready to experience the powerhouse that is Chinola, the rising Latina sensation shaking up the music industry with her daring sound and empowering message.

With roots in Santo Domingo’s alternative scene and having shared the stage with the likes of Tokischa, Xiomara Fortuna and Gran Poder de Diosa, Chinola has honed her skills and defined her own unique style. Her latest single, “Que Hablen,” produced by dance artist Diego Raposo, is a perfect example of her genre-defying sound that blends electronic merengue and rock, reminiscent of artists like Rosalía and Rita Indiana, while paying homage to classic merengue hits like ‘El Venao’.

Chinola’s live performances are electrifying, blending blues vocals, raw rock energy, and Afro-Dominican percussion to create a fresh and exciting vision of the Latin music genre. But her impact extends far beyond her music. As a Latin woman and mother, she is dedicated to empowering and representing other Latin women, breaking down gender and cultural stereotypes and challenging traditional roles of women and motherhood, all while honoring her strong roots.



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Chinola is a singer, songwriter, art director and audiovisual producer. She is the co-owner of production company Juice Lab Media her partnership with artist and videographer Eliworks.

She has worked with notable artists such as Grammy award winning sound engineer Allen Leschorn, 3-time Soberano winning and global jazz artist afro Caribbean fusion queen Xiomara Fortuna, notable Chicago producer Kendall P and rap artist Tokischa. As well as participating in Xiomara Fortuna’s legendary Llegando Voy 40 Year Anniversary Concert with artists such as Vakero, Riccie Oriarch and El Prodigio.

Her most notable work with Juice Lab Media is the Just Wanna Have Fun Live stream festival, where she produced, directed and created the image for the international all women festival. Joining artists such as DJ Sabine Blazin, Coco Mamba, Judith Rodriguez, Tokischa, Elines Olaverria and model Amelia Rami.

Chinola has appeared in publications such as Diario Libre, Discolai, Roberto Cavada and 12 y 2 as well as shows such as Reset Radio, Mujeres al Borde, Hora de Te, El Destapon Super 7, Divertido con Jochy, Tu Guia on Telemundo WZDC and Encendio con Pedro Biaggi.

She created her first NFT in March of 2021 called “passion girl”.
Her latest NFT is a Juice Lab production with Eliworks.  Directed, produced and written by Chinola, the protest piece “Si tu le das” is about the latest rise of the women’s movement in Latin America.